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Fun Ice Cream Game Ideas

Need some fun ice cream game ideas for your ice cream party?

ice cream game

A common problem - you want to add some spice and flair to the next party or to your kids everyday lives - but the creativity juices are running dry!

    It's a rainy day, the kids are need something - anything - to keep them busy with a smile on their face!

    You've got an ice cream party just around the corner...but no game ideas yet!

Here are some fun games involving ice cream that your kids will be sure to love! You'll find our game ideas at the bottom of the page (below the form).

These games are great fun! They're either
...a twist on an old game
...something entirely new and creative.

To make party planning and game playing simple and easy every game describes

  • how you play
  • what materials you need
  • the rules

Give one of our Ice Cream Activities a try!

If you're looking for Ice Cream Board Games, Puzzles, or Learning Activities, check out our Games or go straight to our Ice Cream Shoppe!

You'll find all our other ice cream activities at the bottom of the page.

Great Ice Cream Games

Check out some Great Ice Cream Game Ideas!

guess the flavor 
This ice cream game tests the power of your tongue and the sensitivity of your taste buds! See who can correctly guess the most different flavors …

Ice Cream Sundae Topping Hunt 
This ice cream game is a hunt for hidden toppings! After finding as many hidden topping packets as they could find, the topping hunters get to enjoy …

Ice Cream Spoon Tower Challenge Game 
This ice cream game involves a little skill! It's a race to see who can build a block tower using ice cream spoons before someone stops their attempt …

Blindfolded Ice Cream Eating Game 
This is an ice cream game where probably no one will stay completely clean, but everyone will end up having a blast...and hopefully get to enjoy a little …

Ice Cream Matching Game 
This ice cream game is a spin off of a common kid favorite - memory/matching games. Kids have fun while they learn to match items that belong together. …

Topping Personality Game 
This ice cream game is designed to be played at an ice cream sundae party. It's great for adults and teens. It's a fun game that allows people to express …

Pin the Cherry on the Sundae 
This ice cream game is a classic twist on the old favorite - pin the tail on the donkey! Played "ice cream style," this game is perfect for an ice …

Sundae Scream! Not rated yet
This ice cream game is a game in which you go around a game board trying to get the toppings to make an ice cream sundae. The first person to get …

Lost in Space Not rated yet
This ice cream game encourages children to use their creativity as they use the ice cream to sculpt a planet! Perfect for a children's Birthday Party! …

The Annual Ice Cream Social Not rated yet
This ice cream game is all about learning how to make ice cream and then enjoying the results! I always have an Annual Ice Cream Social. I teach …

Drawing your Own Sundae Not rated yet
Here's a quiet ice cream game for the artists in your group! Have everyone draw a picture of their dream ice cream sundae...and after they're done …

Ice Cream Obstacle Course Not rated yet
Comepete in this challenging obstacle course...and at the end you'll have a fresh batch of ice cream! Working together as a team is an important part …

Ice Cream Making Name Game Not rated yet
You've got to be "on the ball" - ready to get the ball and pass it to another person as you say their name! This ice cream game can take a bit of …

The Forbidden Topping Game Not rated yet
The forbidden topping ice cream game is a game of suspense as people try to add as many toppings to their sundaes without choosing the "forbidden" …

Blindfolded Sundae Hunt Not rated yet
In this ice cream game, 1 blindfolded person has to find objects to build an ice cream sundae following the voice commands of his partner. You can …

Cherry on the Bottom Game Not rated yet
People at an ice cream party expect to have cherries on the top of their sundae...not in this ice cream game! Players race to find and eat the cherry …

Scooping Frenzy Ice Cream Game Not rated yet
This ice cream game is a race to see who can scoop "vanilla ice cream" (cotton balls) the fastest while blindfolded. It's difficult because the cotton …

Catch the Cow Game Not rated yet
You'll need quick hands to play this ice cream game! Sitting in a circle, you'll try to pass balls around the circle - so that you're not caught with …

Alphabet Ice Cream Sundae Game Not rated yet
In this ice cream game you build an imaginary ice cream sundae by adding toppings for each letter of the alphabet! All you'll need for this game is …

Build An Ice Cream Sundae Race Not rated yet
This fast paced ice cream game is a relay race where teams try to fulfill an ice cream order by placing toppings in a bowl...using an ice cream scoop! …

Cold Ice Cream Game Not rated yet
This fast paced ice cream game results in some freshly made homemade ice cream and is a spin off of the classic game "Hot Potato." Just like Hot Potato …

Ice Cream Cone Stepping Stone Game Not rated yet
This ice cream game encourages teamwork (or it can be played individually). It requires skill and balance as team members work their way to the finish …

Topping Giveaway Ice Cream Game Not rated yet
This ice breaker ice cream game gets people talking. Guests aren't allowed to say the words "Yes" or "No" - if they do - they lose a peanut! It's …

The Ultimate Topping Drop Game Not rated yet
This ice cream game requires skill to drop ice cream toppings into a waiting cone from a pretty far distance. This game can get a little messy...but …

No-Hands Ice Cream Eating Game Not rated yet
In this fun ice cream game everyone gets to enjoy some ice cream - but everyone needs to be prepared to get just a little bit messy! It's a delicious …

Ice Cream Meltdown Game Not rated yet
This ice cream game is a twist on the traditional favorite "Fruit Basket." It's fast-pace has made it a favorite at parties for both the young and the …

Ice Cream Picture Scavenger Hunt Not rated yet
Here's an ice cream game that's tons of fun. It's perfect for teens and adults and encourages people to work together. What You'll Need 1 …

Get the Toppings Race Not rated yet
Here's a fun ice cream game that combines skill, speed, and a whole lot of laughs! It's best played by teens and adults. What You'll Need …

Mystery Sundae Making Not rated yet
In this ice cream game contestants try to make their dream sundae in one minute...while blindfolded! Get ready for lots of laughs as you watch people …

Coco Cha-Shell Not rated yet
This ice cream game is a twist off of the classic board game Risk. You'll have to plan your strategy well in order to be the first player to conquer …

Banana, Banana, Banana SPLIT Not rated yet
This ice cream game is a fun game for all ages. It's a twist on Duck, Duck Goose, a traditional favorite that has stood the test of time! Playing this …

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