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Ice Cream Picture Scavenger Hunt

by Serving-Ice-Cream

Here's an ice cream game that's tons of fun. It's perfect for teens and adults and encourages people to work together.

What You'll Need

  • 1 list of picture scavenger hunt items for each team (example list included below)

  • 1 digital camera for each team

  • Provide the ice cream, etc. so that each team can complete the picture scavenger hunt

How to Play

Divide people into teams.

Give each team the list of items they must capture on their camera.

Tell teams where they will find their supplies to take their pictures.

On "go" teams use their supplies to take the pictures on their list.

Winners can be chosen by
  • Which team completes the hunt first.

  • Which team has the most beautiful pictures.

  • Which team was the most creative.


Change this from an ice cream picture scavenger hunt to an ice cream video scavenger hunt!

List items that must be captured on video instead of just pictures.

Example Ice Cream Scavenger Hunt
  1. Ice cream carton balanced on someone's head

  2. An ice cream snowman decorated using ice cream toppings

  3. Someone eating ice cream from a bowl using no hands

  4. An ice cream tower stacked 7 scoops high

  5. Everyone with ice cream in their mouth

  6. An ice cream sculpture of an animal

  7. The word "Party" written using ice cream toppings

  8. An ice cream sundae

  9. Any creative ice cream picture you can think of!

  10. An empty ice cream carton

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