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Blindfolded Sundae Hunt

by Serving-Ice-Cream

In this ice cream game, 1 blindfolded person has to find objects to build an ice cream sundae following the voice commands of his partner. You can add a little suspense to this game by placing down "traps" that can't be touched!

What You'll Need

  • 1 Blindfold for each team

  • 1 Bowl for each team

  • 1 Spoon for each team

  • 1 Bag of toppings for each team (just take some toppings and place in Ziploc bag)

  • 1 paper cut out in the shape of a scoop of ice cream for each team (could simply be a circle)

  • Starting line

  • "Traps" (optional: see variation)

How to Play

Divide people into teams of 2 people.

Have these teams stand behind the starting line.

Blindfold one player from each team.

Scatter the bowls, spoons, toppings, and "scoops of ice cream" all over the ground past the starting line.

On "Go!" all the blindfolded people try to find and pick up an object.

The non-blindfolded teammate guides his teammate to the objects by directing them with their voice "go left, straight, right, bend down, pick up, etc."

After picking up an object, the blindfolded person must go back to the line, hand the object to his teammate, and go and retrieve the next object.

He must pick up 1 bowl, 1 spoon, 1 bag of toppings, and 1 "scoop of ice cream."

The first team to successfully retrieve all 4 objects win.


Place "traps" on the ground along with the items each of the team's must retrieve - such as a can of beans or a jar of pickles...things you definitely wouldn't want to put on a sundae!

If the blindfolded player touches one of these "traps" with any part of his body - one of the items that he has gotten must be placed back on the ground and he must get that item again!

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