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Build An Ice Cream Sundae Race

by Serving-Ice-Cream

This fast paced ice cream game is a relay race where teams try to fulfill an ice cream order by placing toppings in a bowl...using an ice cream scoop! May the fastest team win!

What You'll Need
  • Starting Line

  • 1 Ice Cream Scoop per team

  • Bowls of various ice cream toppings

  • 1 empty bowl per team

  • 1 sheet of paper per team with an ice cream sundae order (see example below)

Set Up

Set up starting line.

Place bowls with ice cream toppings some distance from the starting line (determine distance based on age of children).

Halfway between the starting line and the bowls of ice cream toppings, place 1 empty bowl per team as well as the paper with the ice cream sundae order.

How to Play

Divide group up into teams and have them line up in teams at the starting line.

Give the first person on each team an ice cream scoop.

On "Go" the first person on each team takes his ice cream scoop - stops to look at the ice cream order beside his team's empty bowl - and proceeds to the ice cream toppings to pick up just ONE topping with the ice cream scoop - but he can't use his hands.

He then runs back to his team's bowl and puts the ice cream topping in it.

Then, he passes the ice cream scoop on to the next person in line.

The game continues until one team completes their order and fills their empty bowl with the correct amount of each topping.

Ice Cream Topping Order Example

7 M&Ms
3 peanuts
5 marshmallows
2 chocolate chips
1 cherry

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