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Scooping Frenzy Ice Cream Game

by Serving-Ice-Cream

This ice cream game is a race to see who can scoop "vanilla ice cream" (cotton balls) the fastest while blindfolded. It's difficult because the cotton balls are so light - with a blindfold on - you can't tell if you're even scooping anything!

What You'll Need
  • 2 spoons (the heavier - the better!)

  • 2 bowls full of cotton balls

  • 2 empty bowls

  • 2 blindfolds

  • Timer

How to Play

Choose two people to compete against each other.

Blindfold them and give them both a spoon.

Place 1 bowl full of cotton balls and 1 empty bowl in front of each of them.

On "Go" each person tries to scoop out as many cotton balls (representing vanilla ice cream) as he can from the full bowl to the empty bowl.

They are given 30 seconds.

They can only use the spoon to scoop out the cotton balls.

When the time is up, see which person has scooped out the most cotton balls into the empty bowl.

The winner of this round moves on to compete against the next person.

The person who wins the final round is the Scooping Frenzy Champion!

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