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Ice Cream Meltdown Game

by Serving-Ice-Cream

This ice cream game is a twist on the traditional favorite "Fruit Basket." It's fast-pace has made it a favorite at parties for both the young and the old. Children squeal in delight while they try to race to a seat, while older people can get pretty feisty. It's a great game to play and watch!

What You'll Need
  • A group of children

  • An open area large enough for them to sit in a circle

  • A chair (or piece of paper taped to the ground) for everyone - minus 1 to sit on

How to Play

Divide the group of people into four equal teams (if the teams aren't totally equal - that's okay!).

Have each team give themselves a different name - a favorite ice cream flavor or a favorite sundae topping.

After each team's name has been established, have the teams mix together and sit in a circle on their chair (or piece of paper taped to the floor).

Tell everyone the names of the 4 teams.

One player is chosen to stand in the middle of the circle - their should be no empty chair waiting for this person.

The person in the middle calls out one of the team's names.

Each member of that team gets up and trys to move to a different chair - meanwhile, the person in the middle also tries to find a place to sit.

The person who was not able to find a chair to sit on, now stands in the middle and calls out another team name. Play continues.

The person in the middle can also call out "Ice Cream Meltdown!" When this happens, all players must get up and try to change their seats.

It's a fun game filled with lots of excitement.

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