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Blindfolded Ice Cream Eating Game

by Serving-Ice-Cream

This is an ice cream game where probably no one will stay completely clean, but everyone will end up having a blast...and hopefully get to enjoy a little ice cream as well! This game is best played by teens and adults.

What You'll Need
  • Bowls of ice cream

  • Ice cream spoons

  • Chairs

How to Play

Blindfold two people.

Have them sit in chairs facing each other and within reach of each other.

Give one person a bowl full of ice cream and an ice cream spoon.

Have the other person place their hands behind their back - so they aren't tempted to help the other person.

The person with the bowl of ice cream has to try to feed the other person.

This is a fun game to watch and results in a lot of laughs!


Pair everyone up into groups of two.

Blindfold everyone and have each pair sit in chairs opposite one another.

Give one person in every pair a bowl of ice cream and a spoon, having the other person place their hands behind their back.

On go, the pairs race to see which team can finish their bowl of ice cream first while spilling the least amount of ice cream.


Make sure to supervise this game so that no one gets hurt with a spoon in the eye, etc.

This game will probably be a little messy - so make sure you plan ahead.

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Oct 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

As regards to supervision so that no-one gets a spoon in the eye, with all participants being blindfolded, the eyes are automatically protected from such accidents.

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