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Nemox Ice Cream Maker

The Nemox ice cream maker is a professional quality ice cream machine that's easy to use and perfect for an ice cream business. Here's a review of their models.

nemox ice cream maker

Nemox ice cream machines are known all over the world for their ability to create spectacular frozen treats.

Made in Italy, the products are designed for a European market, and gelato is frequently customers' motivation for purchasing these quality machines.

However, Nemox ice cream machines are used across the globe by home owners and businesses in need of ice cream production.

Features of the Nemox Ice Cream Maker

  • Stainless steel exterior, bowls, and blades
  • Removable ice cream bowls and blades for easy cleaning
  • Unit covers made of tempered glass for strength and optimal viewing during ice cream production
  • An electrical security mechanism stops the blades when the lid is opened
  • Powerful motors and compressor systems

Nemox Products:

Nemox Gelato Combi Pro 3000

Product Features:

  • Ice cream machine pulls 380 watts
  • Storage case pulls 120V
  • Makes 3.5 quarts of ice cream every 20-40 minutes
  • Features an additional 3.5 quart storage section to keep ice cream cool and fresh
  • Includes 2 removable bowls, ice cream spatula, measuring cup, and a flavor separator so that two flavors can be stored in the same storage bowl
  • Size: 30.31 x 19.69 x 14.17 inches, 121 lbs

This powerful Nemox ice cream machine is capable of making up to 10 quarts of delicious ice cream, gelato, or custard in a single hour.

Whether you operate a restaurant or an ice cream stand, you can be sure of quality products that will motivate customer loyalty when you use the Nemox Gelato Combi Pro 3000.

The sleek design features a glass top for easy viewing of a 3.5 quart ice cream maker, which rests beside its identically sized storage bowl.

This system is no mere Nemox ice cream maker - it is an ice cream shop on the go!

Nemox Gelato Pro 6000

Product Features:

  • 780 watts
  • Stainless steel body
  • Dual ice cream making bowls make up to 6 quarts in an hour
  • Includes 2 removable bowls, 2 ice cream spoons, 1 measuring cup, and 4 silicone blade insert sets
  • Size: 77 x 50 x 36 cm

One of the most innovative Nemox ice cream makers, the Gelato Pro 6000 is the only product on the market that is capable of simultaneously making two different ice cream flavors. Dual 1.5 quart bowls can jointly make up to 6 quarts of ice cream in an hour, for a variety of tasty treats that will keep customers coming back for more.

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By Jenn Fraiser

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