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Kenwood Ice Cream Maker

The Kenwood ice cream maker is an electric ice cream maker available in the UK and perfect for making homemade ice cream and other frozen treats.

The Kenwood ice cream machine is a fast, fun, no frills, inexpensive, homemade ice cream maker out of the United Kingdom.

The unit is a compact, well made, efficient machine that can be your homemade ice cream maker for years to come.

This ice cream maker by Kenwood will let you make a couple days worth of ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt in about a half hour. You can make you own fresh ice cream without all the additives or unwanted ingredients, which is wonderful for those with food intolerances.

kenwood ice cream maker

Features of the Kenwood Ice Cream Maker

  • Fast and easy to use; makes homemade fresh ice cream in about a half an hour
  • More than one quart capacity (1.1 liters); about four good servings or three greedy ones
  • Fast freezing insulated non-stick bowl
  • Transparent lid, removable for cleaning; a clear lid lets you monitor the progress of your homemade ice cream maker
  • Light weight, compact design; takes up very little space on your counter top
  • Comes with some recipes; many more available right here on Serving-Ice-Cream
  • No ice or rock salt to prepare or dispose
  • Removable bowl for easy clean up
  • Easy serving and clean up
  • Stylish design with eye appealing curves; attractive enough to be stored out in the open or small enough to be stored in a cupboard
  • One year guarantee
  • Available in the United Kingdom

The ice cream made from the Kenwood ice cream machine is so delicious that it will make you forget about store bought ice cream.

The Kenwood ice cream maker is a simple, straight forward, inexpensive addition to the world of homemade ice cream makers.

You can have some family fun and make delicious ice cream and other frozen desserts. With the homemade ice cream maker, once you get the hang of it, you can get creative by adding your favorite fruit or flavor.

It is a snap to flavor your treats with fresh fruit puree, cocoa, and other flavorings. There is no need to fuss with ice or salt.

With a 1.1 liter capacity, it makes it perfect for most families. The Kenwood ice cream machine is a great value for a homemade ice cream maker. This machine will not break the bank or take up too much room - it is a good buy for a the price.

By Jenn Fraiser

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