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Serving Ice Cream

Serving ice cream is a weekly event in homes all around the world! Because so many people serve ice cream so often, special ice cream serving equipment has been developed to make ice cream serving a breeze!

Here are some items you might find stylishly helpful in your kitchen!

Ice Cream Lazy Susan

serving ice cream

A Lazy-Susan Ice Cream Server is a stylish serving help that will brighten up any dessert party.

It helps you serve your favorite ice cream toppings conveniently, making all the toppings easily accessible to everyone at the table. The center bowl can hold your favorite ice cream dessert sauce. There are dishes that surround the outside of the Lazy-Susan, offering a lot of different topping or sauce possibilities.

Cone Holders

Cone holders are great for keeping the difficulty and mess of serving ice cream cones to a minimum!

Whether you are serving adults or children, you will find that a cone holder greatly simplifies the task.

serve ice cream

Chef's Choice Ice Cream Cone Holder

This ice cream cone holder makes serving cones an easy task. Cones are conveniently held in this holder. You can place stacks of cones in the holder for guests to take and scoop out their own ice cream or you can scoop the ice cream out yourself and place the filled ice cream cones in the holder for guests to take while you continue scooping.

You can find other helpful ice cream serving tools at our Ice Cream Shoppe.

When you serve ice cream, you'll also need Ice Cream Scoops and Ice Cream Bowls.

By Jenn Fraiser

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