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Ice Cream Truck Song: Selling Ice Cream Through Music

Looking for an Ice Cream Truck song that will attract business and boost sales without being annoying?

It's important to consider two major factors when choosing songs and music for Ice Cream trucks: methods of playing the music and types of music to play.

Methods for Playing Ice Cream Truck Music

ice cream truck music

Before the development of other technologies, ice cream vendors were limited to bells and music boxes.

Even though many other options are available, some vendors prefer the sound of bells and music boxes for their distinctive, "old time" sound.

However, music boxes and bells can be hard to hear and are often limited to one song, so many vendors turn to other options.

If you're interested in purchasing a music device for your ice cream truck, view the available products at the bottom of the page.

Digital Music Boxes

Digital music boxes come preloaded with a number of tunes and the number of songs depends on the price of the box. With digital music boxes, vendors are not limited to just one ice cream truck song, but several.

Music played through these boxes is usually in .mp3 or .wav format. Generally, the music on digital music boxes are synthesized versions of children's songs, like "Pop Goes the Weasel".

The synthesized nature of the music provided by this option may not be adequate for vendors of "traditional" ice cream trucks, but digital music boxes have become the industry standard.


Loudspeakers should be an important part of any ice cream truck music strategy, since they enable ice cream truck music and bells to be heard over a wide area.

However, as with all audio devices, care must be taken to ensure that no zoning laws are violated.

Choosing Music to Play

What music is played for ice cream truck songs is as important as how it is played.

These two tips should be followed when selecting music for ice cream trucks.

Make the Ice Cream Truck Sound Unique

The music for ice cream trucks should be as unique as possible, both from the ambient music (car stereos, etc.) and from other vendors' vehicles.

Distinct music tips customers' off to which ice cream vendor is which, allowing them to reward good service and selection with repeat visits.

Keep the Ice Cream Song Inoffensive

Remember, music for ice cream trucks is intend to attract customers, not attention.

If the music is loud, jarring, or just plain annoying, it can offend customers and lose sales. Music should be catchy and nostalgic.

An ice cream truck song can be a valuable asset to any ice cream sales plan, but the music needs to be chosen wisely and played effectively.

Ice Cream Truck Music Devices for Sale

By Jenn Fraiser

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