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Ice Cream Truck Pictures

Are you looking to advertise through ice cream truck pictures and attract customers and increase sales without confusing or offending potential buyers?

Visual advertising can be an effective way to boost profits, both from truck artwork and through illustrated sideboard menus.

ice cream truck pictures

Artwork for Ice Cream Trucks

Company Emblems

Most ice cream trucks are licensed to sell a specific retailer's product, such as Good Humor or Blue Bunny.

Usually, those trucks will have a prominent corporate emblem on its side. These trademarks should be clear and easily recognizable, and honor the retailer's terms of use.

If not specifically licensed, truck owners need to check with the corporation for approval and directions.

Decorative Ice Cream Truck Pictures

Adding artwork to the side or back of an ice cream truck can be an interesting advertising technique for an independent vendor to make the ice cream truck distinct.

Decorative artwork needs to be on topic. While pictures of ice cream or children enjoying ice cream is acceptable, pictures of clowns or animals can distract from the message of the ice cream truck: buy ice cream! So while you can use unrelated images to brand your truck - just be sure to use them with care.

Decorative artwork needs to be well done; painting the truck needs to be trusted to professionals.

Artwork is intended to attract customers and poorly done or offensive pictures could have the opposite effect.

Illustrated Menus for Ice Cream Trucks

Illustrated menus are an integral part of ice cream truck marketing.

Menus with pictures are attractive to the industry's target demographic, young children, since they allow them to order without knowing how to read.

This simplifies the ordering process, since the customer can merely point to the item on the menu.

Illustrated menus are also important for advertising new or unfamiliar products.

While traditional ice cream and frozen treats require little explanation (an ice cream cone is an ice cream cone), newer products benefit from a visual display.

For example, a hot new product this summer has been the European Magnum bar. Since the product name has little descriptive power, the illustrated menu allows customer to see the item and learn about it without requiring the vendor to spend time explaining the product.

It is important that the product picture be attractive, since unclear or unappealing pictures may hurt product sales.

Most retailers will provide an image for their product to interested vendors.

Ice Cream Truck Pictures can generate interest, make ordering easier and less confusing, and increase sales and profits.

By Jenn Fraiser

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