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Dippin' Dots Franchise

How would you like to have a Dippin' Dots Franchise?

So you've probably tried Dippin' Dots as a dessert and you're wondering how you can go about opening your own Dippin' Dots store. As with any other business that you might pursue, there are things that you need to know and consider before making the decision to open your own franchise.

The mission of Dippin' Dots is to bring more fun to eating a classic dessert: ice cream.

Dippin' Dots was founded in 1988. The first locations were in Kentucky, Illinois, and the former Opryland USA, a theme park that was located in Nashville, Tennessee. From these few locations grew a large company that offers franchises and online ordering. They are usually located in malls and parks. All production and management is based out of in Paducah, Kentucky.

Dippin' Dots Franchise Information

When you are considering opening a Dippin' Dots location, there is a form available for you to fill out, as well as a short survey that tells you if your site for your store will be approved by the company.

The best aspect of opening a Dippin' Dots store is that the name is already known and popular. Dippin' Dots helps franchisees in keeping a quality-controlled environment.

Support and Training

What does Dippin' Dots offer to franchisees? Once one's store location is approved, the company will then begin the process of helping establish the store. The franchisee will receive materials to decorate the store in the traditional, recognized Dippin' Dots decor. The franchisee will receive regular updates and information from the company. Ordering stock with Dippin' Dots is also simple. The company helps ensure the franchisee that he will not order too much product by mistake.

What They're Looking For

Dippin' dots has specific criteria for business-minded people wishing to open a franchise. There are certain locales that Dippin' Dots prefers to plant franchises. A substantial fee is required to open a Dippin' Dots franchise, but the potential profit is exciting. The franchisee must be considering a good location for the store, such as in a mall or retail shopping center. The kiosk or store also needs to be quite visible or in an area with the potential for high visibility.

What does it cost to open a Dippin' Dots? To find the current rates, find out the Dippin' Dots franchise cost at their information page.

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