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Cuisinart ICE 30BC
Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker

The Cuisinart ICE 30BC ice cream maker churns out a large batch of delicious ice cream right in your own home!

cuisinart ice 30bc

The Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2 Quart Automatic ice cream maker can make a variety of delicious frozen favorites including soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and sherbet. The best part is this ice cream machine can churn out 2 quart batches!

  • Makes 2 quart batches of ice cream
  • No rock salt and ice to mess with
  • Quality ice cream
  • Removable parts makes cleaning easy
  • Add mix-ins easily through a special spout

You can buy or read reviews on the Cuisinart ICE 30BC, read a quick overview of this product's features, or view a detailed description of the pros and cons of this ice cream machine.


  • Batch Size: 2 quarts
  • Freezer: Double insulated freezer bowl
  • Adding Mix-Ins: Spout for adding mix-ins
  • Ice Cream Making Time: Makes ice cream in approximately 25 minutes
  • Cleaning: Removable parts
  • Exterior: Stainless Steel exterior
  • Size: 8.25 by 11.25 by 17 inches, 13 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

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  • Batch Size: 2 quarts
  • A lot of the ice cream makers designed for use at home churn out 1 1/2 quart batch of homemade ice cream - but the Cuisinart ICE 30BC makes a 2 quart batch.

    • Make a batch of ice cream last longer by making more per batch!

  • Ease of Use: Automatic, Electric
  • Automatic ice cream makers that use freezer bowls to chill the ice cream are simple to use. Insert your freezer bowl (pre-frozen) into your ice cream maker, pour in the ice cream ingredients (pre-mixed), flip the machine on, and let it churn the base into delicious ice cream you can claim as your own!

    • No need to hand crank the machine - forget about it until the ice cream is done!
    • No need to mess with rock salt and ice to freeze the ice cream.

  • Quality Ice Cream: Double Insulated Freezer Bowl
  • With its double insulate freezer bowl, the Pure Indulgence ice cream maker freezes your homemade ice cream to perfection (a built in compressor freezer is the only freezing method that's better and results in a slightly better ice cream).

    • Cold temperature when freezing ice cream is important for creating a soft and creamy texture.

  • Ease of Cleaning: Removable parts
  • After all is done, this ice cream maker is easy to clean because of its removable parts.

    • No need to clean individual parts while they are stuck to each other within the machine.


  • Adding Mix-Ins: Spout for adding mix-ins
  • A spout for adding mix-ins is standard for most ice cream makers. Mix-ins are added to the ice cream during the last few moments of mixing when the ice cream is thick enough to suspend the added treats!

    • Since the mix-ins can be added while the ice cream is mixing, the end result is ice cream with better textured and evenly distributed mix-ins. Yum!

  • Ice Cream Making Time: Cuisinart ICE 30 BC makes ice cream in approximately 25 minutes


  • One Batch at a Time: Freezer Bowls
  • The very nature of a freezer bowl restricts ice cream making to one batch of ice cream at a time. When the first batch of ice cream has finished churning, the freezer bowl has warmed and can not make another quality batch of ice cream (But don't forget - this ice cream maker makes a large batch of ice cream!).

    • The freezer bowl must be refrozen after each use.

  • Freeze bowl Hours in Advance Freezer Bowls
  • Unless your store your freezer bowl in the freezer, you must plan ahead and freeze the freezer bowl before you make the ice cream.

    • Store Freezer Bowl in Freezer: takes up freezer space.
    • Don't Store Freezer Bowl in Freezer: must plan ahead and freeze bowl hours before you need it.

cuisinart, pure indulgence

The Cuisinart ICE 30BC is a great ice cream maker. It's a great choice if you want to make large quantities of ice cream in one batch.

Find out more, read reviews, or buy this Cuisinart ice cream maker at our Ice Cream Shoppe.

By Jenn Fraiser

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