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Rice Dream Ice Cream

Rice Dream Ice Cream has soared in popularity since it became a 'Dream come true' for founder Robert Nissenbaum in 1982.

First making its appearance at a food show in Missouri, Rice Dream frozen desserts became an instant craze.

The demand for this non-dairy, rice-based frozen treat kept growing and has developed into a dessert offering the highest quality of ingredients, making this incredibly delicious, all natural frozen food a favorite world wide!

Experiencing the Rice Dream Ice Cream Passion for Excellence

Rice Dream has always offered an incredible non-dairy ice cream experience, but they have now improved on excellence, if that's possible! Their delicious frozen desserts are smoother, creamier, and more exquisite than ever!

They now feature a line of simply indulgent flavors that are USDA certified organic, and are lactose-free, trans fat free, cholesterol free, and gluten free, with taste and texture sure to please even the most discriminating of non-dairy ice cream connosiours!

The five newest Rice Dream non-dairy frozen dessert varieties include:

  • Rice Dream Organic Strawberry - Sweet organic strawberry accented with luscious ripe strawberry pieces. Available in pints.
  • Rice Dream Organic Vanilla - Sweet organic vanilla rice - a true creamy indulgence. Available in pints and quarts.
  • Rice Dream Organic Cocoa Marble Fudge - Sweet organic vanilla laced with fudge swirls. Available in pints and quarts.
  • Rice Dream Organic Orange Vanilla - Sweet sunshine - organic vanilla rice wrapped in the delicate sweetness of natural orange flavor. Available in pints.

Other Rice Dream Products

Indulgence has never been more delicious with the creamy taste of Rice Dream Frozen Desserts and Ice Cream. All the finest ingredients have been combined with creamy smoothness and no refined sweeteners to bring lasting satisfaction that Rice Dream lovers crave!

  • Rice Dream Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts:
    • Carob Almond Frozen Dessert - Available in pints
    • Cocoa Marble Fudge Frozen Dessert - Available in pints
    • Cookies n Dream Frozen Dessert - Available in pints
    • Mint Carob Chip Frozen Dessert - Available in pints
    • Neapolitan Frozen Dessert - Available in pints
    • Orange Vanilla Swirl Frozen Dessert - Available in pints
    • Vanilla Swiss Almond Frozen Dessert - Available in pints

  • Rice Dream Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Novelties:
    • Rice Dream Bites
    • Chocolate Frozen Pies
    • Mint Chocolate Frozen Pies
    • Mocha Frozen Pies
    • Vanilla Bars with Chocolate Coating
    • Vanilla Frozen Pies
    • Vanilla Nutty Bars

What do you think? Does it sound too good to be true?

Why not give Rice Cream a try? If you're looking for a dairy-free or a healthier version of ice cream...this may be just what you've been dreaming of!

By Jenn Fraiser

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