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The Stress of Finding the Best…Solved!

Look, we have to warn you. It’s a headache (think “brain freeze”) finding the best ice cream truck rental in LA.

Thankfully, you can melt your brain freeze and discover the best ice cream catering.

We’ve vetted different ice cream truck companies – so you don’t have to – and found one we could endorse!

Plan your party with our SCOOP (our LA ice cream truck partner) and get the creamiest service at the sweetest price!

Renting an Ice Cream Truck in LA


Why not rent an ice cream truck in LA for your upcoming party!

Serving-ice-cream.com has been in the ice cream business a long time (est. 2008). We can help you with your ice cream party!

Los Angeles offers ice cream truck rentals, which are perfect for an ice cream party or event! In such a large city like Los Angeles, finding ice cream trucks for rent is not that hard. It’s finding the right one that’s difficult!

There are quite a few companies who offer ice cream truck rentals in Los Angeles, but after extensive research, we know our SCOOP will serve your ice cream the best!

Ice Cream Truck Rental Los Angeles: Why Use Our SCOOP?

SCOOPs earn Serving-Ice-Cream’s endorsement because they consistently provide the fun and entertainment to their customers at a sweet price. Even though each SCOOP does pay a fee, they have proven time and again they deserve our recommendation because they provide great fun at a wonderful price with marvelous customer service.

Rent Ice Cream Trucks Los Angeles: Our Process

To help you with your party, we weeded out the mediocre ice cream truck rentals and found the best ice cream truck rental company for the best price. We evaluated each company based on price, customer service reputation, best ice cream options available, and overall customer satisfaction. If any SCOOP fails to provide the best service at the best price, we will remove our endorsement and point you in a better direction.

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