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Ice Cream Truck Employment

Ice cream truck employment can be a fun, rewarding, and exciting career for those looking to start their own business or be employed under someone else.

As a primarily seasonal occupation in most areas, it even leaves time for pursuing other forms of employment during the off months.

First we'll looke at being employed as an ice cream truck driver and then we'll discuss starting your own ice cream truck business.

Finding Employment as an Ice Cream Truck Driver

If you're looking for a job, you can search on Ice Cream Truck jobs.

Below are some ice cream truck jobs available in your area.

ice cream truck employment

Owning Your Own Business

Here are some basics to get you thinking about the freedoms, responsibilities, and rewards of ice cream truck employment.

Owning your own ice cream truck business gives you a great amount of freedom.

You determine what hours you work.

Owning your own ice cream truck makes you the one who decides whether you work on weekends and holidays, and whether you work every day during the week.

In addition, you set your own route, seeking out the most likely neighborhoods, finding profitable locations such as playgrounds and athletic fields, and deciding how to schedule your route to arrive at these locations at the best times of day.

Responsibilities of Ice Cream Truck Employment

Before you start thinking that owning your own ice cream truck just means working whenever you feel like it, remember that as a small business owner, you are responsible for the profits or loss of your company.

If you decide to take a two-week-long vacation in the middle of the summer, your best time for sales, you must be prepared to accept the loss of a significant percentage of the profit from your ice cream truck.

Unexpected events such as a long streak of rainstorms will reduce sales as well.

Employment at a more traditional company is far more restrictive, but also more consistent, than a self-employed ice cream truck business.

In addition to scheduling routes, you will also need a knowledge of your business' financial, insurance, tax, and foodservice requirements.

Failure to prepare by researching the specifics of your business needs will put an end to your efforts before they begin.

Rewards of the Business

The ice cream truck is a favorite American tradition that brings fun to families all over. If you are looking for a form of employment that allows you to work outdoors during good weather, follows the schedule you create, and gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience managing your own business, this specialized industry may be the right job for you.

As long as your preparation is thorough and your financial capabilities are up to the task, your ice cream truck employment can certainly lead to success.

By Jenn Fraiser

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