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Ice Cream Truck Equipment:
Ice Cream Trucks For Sale

Ice cream truck equipment. What equipment you use is definitely an important part of your business. If you are looking for ice cream trucks for sale, you've come to the right place!

First, we'll look at the different types of food equipment that are available.

Then, we'll look at choosing which equipment you should use in your vending business.

Ice Cream and Frozen Treat Equipment

  • Freezers
    • Type: cold plate, chest freezer, dry ice chests
    • Size: large enough to hold all the ice cream you will sell on your route
    • Maintain consistent temperature
    • Limited drain on engine power
    • Durability
ice cream truck equipment, soft serve ice cream

Other Ice Cream Truck Equipment

  • Popcorn Machine
    • Speed
    • Ability to keep popcorn warm and fresh for less product waste
    • Ease of dispensing
    • Durability

  • Concession Warmer
    • Types Include:
    • Nacho Warmer
    • Cheese Warmer
    • Pizza Warmer
    • Hot Dog and Bun Fryer/Warmer
    • Food Steamer Drawer
    • Features to Look for Include:
    • Easy serving system
    • Thermostat
    • Durability
    • Compact

  • Toaster Oven
    • Versatility: broil, bake, toast, convection cooking, defrost, keep warm, etc.
    • Racks for warming multiple products simultaneously
    • Large interior to suit business' needs: large enough for muffins, bagels, pizzas (whatever you choose to sell)

  • Coffee Maker
  • ice cream truck equipment. coffee
    • Brew coffee quickly
    • Thermostat to regulate coffee temperature
    • Dripless faucet
    • Light indicating when coffee is brewed
    • Durability

Choosing Food Products to Sell

What ice cream truck equipment should you invest in to help make vending food easy, efficient, and profitable? Operate your business wisely.

Choose products that are in demand and whose sale price is significantly higher than what it costs you to make it.

Choose products that set you apart from competing businesses in the area. You want to deliver a consistent theme and experience to your customers. For more help on this, check out Make your Ice Cream Business Unique: A Plan for Success.

Ask yourself...

  • What atmosphere do you want your customers to feel when they come to your ice cream truck? Choose your food products accordingly.
  • What products are people in your neighborhood wanting to buy? Ask them if you don't know...and then deliver what they want!
  • What products are in demand whose sale price is significantly higher than what it costs you? Capitalize on these product gems!
ice cream truck

Obviously, as an ice cream truck driver - you'll be selling ice cream! But should you sell novelty ice cream treats? Soft serve ice cream? Both? Does it fit within the nature of your business to add other food products? Will it be profitable?

Many ice cream truck companies are finding slushies and shaved ice treats to be very profitable. These items sell well, are easy to make, are made cheaply, and are sold at a significantly higher price than what it costs to make them.

Determine which food products are profitable and are consistent with your business' theme and mission. Don't get distracted with the rest!

Invest in dependable equipment that will help you deliver quality food in an efficient manner...just the way your customers want it!

By Jenn Fraiser

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