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Ice Cream Truck Bells

What is the best way to let people know that the old ice cream truck is on its way? Ice cream truck bells.

ice cream truck bells It is those unique, distinguishable and a little bit annoying bells that get people reaching for their loose change and rushing out to the curb to make sure they do not miss the ice cream truck.

Are you looking for those ice cream bells that inform customers that you are in the neighborhood? Consider choosing the method of generating the bell sounds.

Generating that Old Fashioned Sound of Ice Cream Bells

Before technology was developed to play recordings from the vehicles, ice cream vendors used real bells. Each bell had a slightly different sound.

Each vendor could play a unique, tantalizing call to potential customers.

Electronic options are now available, but some ice cream vendors still choose the musical magic of real bells for their distinctive, traditional, "old fashioned" sound and look.

The charm of real bells does have some drawbacks. Real bells have volume limits and are hard to hear.

Digital Music Boxes Also Plays Bells

Besides music, digital music boxes can come with preloaded sounds of bells.

Ice cream trucks have several combinations of bell sounds to choose from. The sounds are prerecorded in an electronic format, usually .mp3 or .wav.

Digital bell sounds have pretty much become the industry standard.

Speakers so People Can Hear the Ice Cream Truck Bells

A problem with real bells is lack of volume and lost customers.

They are hard to hear on windy days and on noisy streets. People say they cannot hear them when they are in their house.

Digital recordings played through loudspeakers will allow people to hear the bells over a wide area and in noisy conditions.

Take care not to break any local noise laws.

Choosing the Sounds for Ice Cream Bells

Traditional bells are limited, but prerecorded bells allows for some melody and the opportunity to be unique.

Bells Should be Unique

The children should know and react instantly knowing the ice cream truck is on its way. Be distinct and give good service and reap the rewards.

Bells Should Heard Without Being Annoying

Attracting attention is easy. Turn up the volume and you will have the attention of tons of annoyed people.

The key is to attract customers. Loud, jarring and annoying bell sounds can put people off and lose customers.

Ice cream truck bells are one of the greatest marketing devices ever devised. It is part of any good ice cream truck marketing plan. Use bells wisely. Bells are beautiful in their simplicity and financially rewarding.

Ice Cream Truck Bells for Sale

Or check out Ice Cream Truck Music Boxes.

By Jenn Fraiser

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