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Ice Cream Delivery

Join an Ice Cream Club

An ice cream delivery straight to your door? It's possible!

An Ice Cream Club is a club where members enjoy the privilege of having specialty ice cream shipped right to their own home. Rather than just junk mail and bills, members look forward to receiving ice cream in the mail! What a happy thought!

You can treat yourself to a membership or give a gift that keeps on giving by sending your loved one a gift membership. Your special someone will be thanking you monthly.

Membership in a Club Includes

ice cream delivery

  • Ice Cream of the Month: 4 (1 pint containers) of hard-to-find, premium, all-natural, gourmet ice cream
  • Ice Cream Lover's Newsletter: containing info about the Ice Cream of the Month and some fun ice cream facts for you to enjoy
  • Free Shipping

About the Ice Cream of the Month

  • A team of Ice Cream Gourmets sample "hard-to-find" ice cream from American specialty ice cream producers.
  • All ice cream is hand-crafted exclusively from fresh, natural ingredients.
  • Ice cream flavors range from traditional favorites to new, carefully crafted tastes.
  • The Club offers you 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ice Cream of the Month Club: Choose How Long

  • 3 Month Club: receive ice cream shipments for 3 consecutive months
  • 6 Month Club: receive ice cream shipments for 6 consecutive months
  • 12 Month Club: receive ice cream shipments for 12 consecutive months
  • Ice Cream of the Season Club: receive ice cream shipments 4 time per year (once every 3 months)

Gift Options

  • Send a gift announcement by email.
  • Print a gift announcement and send it by mail.
  • Have a gift card sent for you.

So what's the next step to getting that ice cream on your loved one's doorstep? (and maybe even your own!)

Just choose which club you're interested in and send that ice cream on its way!

Enjoy! Just be careful...the anxious anticipation for your regular shipment of ice cream can be intense!

By Jenn Fraiser

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