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Ice Cream Clip Art

Need some free ice cream clip art? Let us help you find the images you need for your project.

Looking for a one-stop reference list for clip art and stock images all centered around ice cream? You've come to the right place!

There are lots of Internet sites that offer multitudes of clip art - some free and some that charge a small royalty fee.

This article will mention several and give you a one-sheet reference to save you the hours of searching and surfing to find just that right graphic or clip art!

Why Ice Cream Clip Art? ice cream clip art

Eating ice cream is an all-time favorite American pastime! It doesn't matter your age - ice cream just never goes out of style!

You can capitalize on this undeniable favorite, and use clip art and images centered around this frozen treat to make the presentation of your product stand out and attract attention!

Any site that has the word "free" in it is a good place to start! Here are several sites you can use:

  • Serving-Ice-Cream Ice Cream Pictures:
  • We have several different ice cream pictures that you can use for free as ice cream clip art according to our terms of use.

  • Microsoft Office:
  • Featuring hundreds of images free for personal use - this site is loaded with clipart on ice cream - it ranges from photos to graphics.

  • Stock.xchng:
  • Has pictures and graphics uploaded by users - some are free to use, some are free to use with various conditions, and some you must pay for.

  • Bry-Back Manor:
  • Has a couple simple ice cream cone clipart to choose from. They are free for your personal use. They give you permission to change colors or use only part of an image. They do ask that you do not add their collection to your own online clip art collection, however.

  • Fotosearch:
  • Featuring thousands of royalty free clip art and stock photos - these are not free, however, you have to purchase them...but there's a lot of great ones to choose from. You can also browse their ice cream pictures.

  • Clipart Guide:
  • Ice cream clip art, clip art illustrations, graphics, and ice cream pictures. There's a lot to choose from on this site.

  • Clipart eDigg:
  • Featuring free clipart of ice cream and pictures of all sorts of delicacies - they're simple graphic images: from banana splits to vanilla ice cream cones, ice cream sundaes, chocolate cones and other related clipart.

  • Find Free Clipart:
  • Featuring a custom free clipart and free vector art search engine that uses Google's core search technology. They just show ice cream from other sites.

  • CKS Info:
  • Featuring ice cream clip art, images, graphics, animated graphics desserts and sweets.

  • Free Clip Art Store:
  • Featuring fanciful and realistic looking ice cream images and clip art - they've just collected some ice cream pictures from around the web that are in public domain.

  • Free Clipart
  • Featuring thousands of free clip art. Here you'll find a few simple ice cream pictures.

With these links, you should have plenty of sources for great ice cream images!

By Jenn Fraiser

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