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Mr Softy Ice Cream Truck

Are you interested in becoming a Mr Softy ice cream truck franchisee?

mr softy ice cream truck

As the largest company of its kind, Mr Softy represents success in the mobile ice cream sales industry.

As you look into small business possibilities, you will find that franchising is often a safer, more financially viable option that starting a business from scratch.

The Mister Softee Story

Since two brothers began selling ice cream from a truck in 1956, the Mister Softee ice cream truck business has grown to a fleet of over 600 franchised trucks delivering soft-serve treats to kids and families in neighborhoods and parks all over the country.

Although numerous other companies have used the same franchise system to build successful ice cream truck businesses, the Mr Softy ice cream truck remains the most recognizable symbol of the industry.

Driving a Mr Softy Ice Cream Truck

Starting your own small business can be a daunting idea if you are unfamiliar with organizing capital, making initial purchases, and setting up a business plan from the ground up.

Franchising with an already-established company can be a far easier job, as you draw on the experience and resources of those who have already achieved success. The company you franchise from will set you up with advice, assistance, and the information you will need to obtain a truck and stock it with the equipment and product you need to get started.

Mr Softee offers training to help you learn how to engineer a route and purchase product. The company even advertises financing to help with the initial expenses involved.

Brand Popularity

Some of the most difficult tasks in starting a business are getting your name in front of the public and building a good reputation among your customer base.

The Mister Softee ice cream truck you will be driving as a franchisee already has a highly recognizable, trusted name, and most of the advertising and promotion is done by the company itself, leaving you to concentrate on sales instead of expensive TV and radio ads.

With a widely known name, great ice cream, and even their own jingle, the Mr Softy company is an attractive option for those looking to go into the ice cream business for themselves.

If you are ready to start driving but don't know where to start looking for a truck and building a business model, franchising with Mr Softy may be the perfect option for you.

By Jenn Fraiser

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