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Ice Cream Contest

This month we're having an I Love Ice Cream Survey!

Win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

I Love Ice Cream Survey!

Contest Ends August 30, 2010

Winners announced August 31

The Ice Cream Contest

We're searching for ice cream lovers!

Simply let us know your thoughts about ice cream by taking our quick survey.


  • Only quality, family friendly submissions will be accepted.
  • All submissions must be entered by August 30, 2010.
  • All entries must be made by a person 18 years or older
  • Winner must be an American.
  • Only one submission per person.

Some of the info you submit may stay "live" on even after the contest is over!

Choosing a Winner

Winner will be randomly selected.


The winner will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

So what are you waiting for? Take the survey now!

I Love Ice Cream Survey
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
First Name*
E-mail Address*
How often do you eat ice cream?*
Do you eat less ice cream when it's cold outside?*
What brand of ice cream do you usually buy?*
What flavor do you usually buy?*
For you what determines a higher quality ice cream?*
What factors determine the ice cream you buy?*
Appearance of Container
Catchy Name
When you buy ice cream is it planned or is it usually off the cuff?*
I only buy what I've planned on.
I usually plan on it but sometimes I'll just buy it as an extra.
It's about 50/50.
I buy ice cream - but I only sometimes plan on it.
I never plan on buying ice cream - it just happens!
You're eating ice cream - most likely, what time of day is it and what are you doing?*
What's your favorite flavor?*
Fill in the blank FUN: You know you're an ice cream lover when...
Fill in the blank FUN: Something you should NOT do with ice cream is...*

Please enter the word that you see below.


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