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Commercial Frozen Drink Machine
New and Used

    Looking for a frozen drink machine?

    You can find some great drink machines right here.

    Here is some info that you can use to get you thinking before you shop for a machine.

    Here are some things to consider when buying a machine.

    • type of machine do you need? Counter-top machine? Floor Models?
    • versatile is it? Can it make 2 different batches at once? Is it a combination Ice Cream/Frozen Drink Maker?
    • quickly can the machine produce frozen drinks and shakes?
    • large is one batch?
    • easy to clean?
    • flavor options?
    • durable? What is it made out of? Stainless steel?
    • power does the machine need?

    Find the drink machine that best suits your needs.

    You will find a listing of both new and used machines.

    If you have a drink machine you would like to sell, please contact us about placing an ad on our site.

New and Used Frozen Drink Machines

A drink machine is a great appliance that simplifies the process of making delicious frozen beverages.

Combination drink and ice cream machines can be a good investment because it may save you the cost of another machine depending on how busy your business is. It also allows you to try different products using the same machine to see which products are most appealing to your customers.

Drink machines that can make 2 different batches at the same time are helpful for diversifying what you are able to offer. With add-ins and twists thrown into what you offer, the limit of what you have to offer has almost no end.

Accessories such as drink spinners can help spice up some of the products you offer.

The possibilities are endless!

By Jenn Fraiser

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