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Commercial Ice Cream Freezer
New and Used

Need a commercial ice cream freezer? Find the new or used freezer you need along with some recommendations and buying guides.

Needing an ice cream freezer that doesn't put the freeze on your pocket book? Commercial freezers are a must-have for restaurants, schools, delis, convenience stores, gas marts, and hospitals.

You can browse the available freezers now or you can go read through some buying hints before shopping.

The main difference between other commercial freezers and an ice cream freezer is that typically the ice cream freezer has a clear lid so you can easily display your single serve ice cream bars or your variety of frozen flavors.

commercial ice cream freezer Benefits and Features

  • Style
  • Freezers can be bought in chest style or as an upright - what ever works best for your establishment. One thing to keep in mind is that although chest freezers are more energy efficient, they do take up more floor space.
  • Design
  • Ice cream freezers come in many sizes and shapes and are designed to give optimum visibility to all of your flavors, novelties, and frozen desserts. This feature also allows your customers to view and mull over the flavors and choices before they open the unit, losing the chill needed to keep your frozen items fresh longer.

  • Placement
  • Commercial ice cream freezers can be placed in strategic locations throughout your place of business, grabbing your customer's notice and enticing their taste buds!

    Freezers come with locks in case they cannot be placed in view of cashier or other employee to protect from theft.

Options and Recommendations

There are many commercial ice cream freezers out there to choose from.

We will list a few of the more well known and popular new brands. These are basically brands and names that you can rely on.

Used freezers, if they have been well taken care of, are another option to look into. Used commercial ice cream freezers are especially helpful for new businesses that are just trying to get their feet off the ground.

Only you can decide what fits your budget. Products are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Arctic Air Commercial Glass Top Ice Cream Freezer
  • Excellence Ice Cream Flat Lid Display Freezer
  • Frigidaire Commercial 7.2 cu.ft. Ice Cream Freezer
  • Frigidaire Ice Cream Display Freezer 19.7 cu.ft.
  • True Ice Cream Freezer Dipping Cabinet
Nelson and Kelvinator are some other top name brands that you should be sure to look for.

These are just a listing of options to help you get started in your search.

When you are ready to purchase your commercial ice cream freezer, don't forget about shipping charges. It's obviously may be more expensive to ship if you buy it online, though buying online does give you buying power and there are more options and deals available online. Buying locally is good also, because it brings business back to your community, and the shipping charges will be much less. Like in everything, just do your research first and you'll find the best deal that suits your company.

New and Used Cabinets and Freezers

By Jenn Fraiser

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