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Dairy Queen Ice Cream Maker

The Dairy Queen ice cream maker is a fun way for kids to make their very own Blizzard Ice Cream treats!

dairy queen ice cream maker

Here's a fast and easy way to make your own Dairy Queen treats from home with the Blizzard Ice Cream Maker!

How It Works

By combining the included ingredients and half and half cream, you can quickly create your own ice cream desserts without leaving home.

This machine creates homemade ice cream in just a few minutes and it provides a fun activity for people of all ages.

How To Do It:

  • Gather together the ingredients specified in the ice cream maker's instructions.
  • Add the half and half to the mix.
  • Mix your ingredients thoroughly.
  • Begin cranking the machine and watch the ice cream churn.
  • Once the ice cream is complete, use the attachments to push the dessert out the chute.
  • Add any toppings that you want.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Ice Cream Maker Details:

  • Made from quality plastic with several moving parts.
  • Uses chemical reactions to quickly churn the ice cream.
  • Quickly provides two servings of Dairy Queen Blizzard ice cream.
  • Provides the ability to add your own ingredients to your dessert!

To get results that you see at Dairy Queen from the comfort of your home, use a Blizzard Ice Cream Maker to create tasty desserts.

Dairy Queen Blizzard Ice Cream Maker

A fast and easy way to make your own Dairy Queen Blizzards from home!

By Jenn Fraiser

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