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Topping Personality Game

by Serving-Ice-Cream

This ice cream game is designed to be played at an ice cream sundae party. It's great for adults and teens. It's a fun game that allows people to express their personality and get to know one another better!

What You'll Need to Do

  • When you send out the invitations to your party, ask everyone to bring the ice cream sundae topping or sauce that they think resembles their personality the best.

    Ask them to bring enough toppings for everyone to use.

    All you have to do now is supply the ice cream - the toppings are provided by your guests! You'll probably need some dishes to serve the ice cream toppings in as well.

  • Prepare a sheet of paper with every guest's name listed on it. Every name should be followed by a blank line.

    Make one copy of this list for each guest.

How to Play

When everyone has arrived at your party, go around the room - having everyone describe what topping they brought and why it resembles their personality (or see Variation below).

Continue on with your party.

Just before serving the ice cream sundaes, hand out the paper with your guests' names on it to each person.

Next to each person's name, have your guests write down the topping that person brought and why it resembles them.

Finally, have each person once again tell what topping they brought and how it resembles their personality.

The person with the most correct answers wins!

End this game with ice cream topped with your guests' toppings!

You'll never view ice cream sundae toppings the same again!


Have guests bring their toppings in a bag so that no one can see who brought which toppings.

Do not have guests announce which toppings they brought.

Just before serving the ice cream sundaes, hand out the paper with your guests' names on it to each person.

Next to each person's name, have your guests write down the topping that they think each person brought and why they think it resembles them.

Once everyone has completed their guesses, go around the room and have each guest reveal which topping they brought and how why it resembles their personality.

The person with the most correct answers wins!

It would also be amusing to have some of your guests read what they thought each person brought and why they made that guess!

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